Mark Urich

Software engineer and scientist.

I am a problem solver at heart; I enjoy spending hours fixing things and solving puzzles. After over 8 years of working in an academic research lab, generating mountains of genomic data, I decided to change course and pursue a field that allows me to make better use of my passion. I began a career in research with the goal to continuously expand my knowledge while solving real world problems. With the amount of data being produced these days, I feel that I can accomplish that goal better through software engineering.

Recent Projects

BaseSpace Ruby Wrapper
An early work in progress to create an API wrapper for Illumina’s BaseSpace API, written in Ruby. (source)
Anno-JR: Anno-J on Rails
An app for creating and managing sequencing data browsers with Anno-J. (source)
Schmitz Lab Website
A website template, built with Rails, designed and developed for a former colleague’s research lab.
Twitter Clone
A Twitter clone, built with Ruby on Rails and Boostrap. (source)